Unusual science fair projects

If so, can you detect preliminary signs of hearing loss.

List of Science Fair Project Ideas

Is there a connection. Hypercompressed music may also cause listening fatigue. Yes, I think there is Note that some languages, such as Chinese and Vietnamese, are "tonal", in which the same word can have different meanings depending on the pitch.

Read more about the Mpemba effect: Why did human speech evolve to use these pitch changes. Medical Image Recognition People often don't know whether a particular mole or skin discoloration should be regarded as "suspicious.

What is the reason for the disconnect. Shakespeare wrote, "A man may break a word with you, sir; and words are but wind; Ay, and break it in your face, so he break it not behind.

Vowel sounds are tone-like: Is it due to a change in the speed of sound between hot and cold water. Venus Flytraps Is it true that Venus flytraps a type of carnivorous plant are only found within a small radius around some meteor craters near Wilmington, NC.

Flatulence If pets farted as much as people do, people might not have pets. Read more about the Mpemba effect: Kurt Vonnegut's novel Galapagos involved the devolution of humans into unintelligent, seal-like creatures. What kind of research has been done in this area.

Think of a problem that needs solving, and then research whether nature has already found a solution. A recent study see http: A math project on Deligne categories, which creates a setting for studying algebraic structures. How much Sun Protection Factor does a t-shirt provide.

Is it more helpful than listening to music. Often different doctors disagree on the results. From my own admittedly biased experience with my Treadmill Meditation recording at TreadmillMeditation.

Some birds sing very tight duets with each other. Is their preference only psychological, because they know which fart was theirs. How could you safely measure the energy production.

List of Science Fair Project Ideas

Is it something that happens in the skin in the nerves or in the brain. What kinds of sounds did dinosaurs make. I'm not sure what kind of experiment could you do to confirm a causal relationship This may be a difficult process to automate and verify. More broadly, is there any way to estimate the probability that life on this planet may have been seeded from outer space.

Guided Meditations " by Tara Brach. Some owners don't notice a problem; others say it burns off after running the unit in the garage for a few hours or days at high heat; and others say it never goes away.

An abstract of one article on automatic Gleason grading is at http: Can you discover something that could be added to cattle feed to reduce the cow's methane production and resulting global warming.

In other words, can you invent a faucet thermometer that determines the water temperature by using sound. Zombies Breathing machines are sometimes used to keep the body alive and the heart pumping after brain death, to preserve organs long enough for organ transplants.

Can you do controlled experiments to determine whether a conversation masking program, such as ChatterBlockerwould be helpful to reduce distraction and increase concentration. Would it be possible to simulate rear-end speech by using a vocoder, convolution, or similar audio digital signal processing techniques.

To explain the concept of momentum, Bill Nye shows the universal forces at work in the difference between throwing a ping-pong ball and a bowling ball at the pins. Science Fair Project Ideas lanos-clan.com has assembled a vast collection of science fair project ideas written by science teachers, professional scientists, and educational consultants on popular science fair topics ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and even sociology.

‘Tis the season for science fair projects! We had our first science fair experience last year when my oldest son was in kindergarten. I was truly amazed (and overwhelmed) at the complexity of some of the kindergarten science fair projects. As a former teacher, I wanted to make sure that my son.

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At a loss on how to help your kid win the day at her science fair?

25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Project Ideas For Kids

We love these easy experiments found on Pinterest. Check out these amazing ideas for science fair projects for elementary students! Each of these ideas are simple enough that your child can take the lead! 25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Projects. April 7, by Jenae - 19 Comments Check out more Science Fun on our Pinterest board!

Share Pin 2K. Tweet +1 3. 2K Shares. Related Posts. By 6th grade, your child is a Science Fair expert! We have rounded up the best sixth grade science fair ideas. The projects get more and more challenging – but still very doable with minimal involvement from adults.

Unusual/rare but easy science project ideas? Unusual science fair projects
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Fun Science Experiments for Kids - Cool Projects & Easy Ideas for Children