Hist 360 sp 2015 3

Sophomore classification Social practices, beliefs and material traits of everyday life in America from the midth century to the present. Origins, development, decline and transformation of China from earliest times to present.

History of Modern Germany. Seminar in European History. Sophomore classification A survey from the Age of Enlightenment to the end of the twentieth century of the relationship between science, technology, and public or popular culture in a comparative European context including Russia and the former Soviet Union.

American Stuff, Colonial Times to the Present. Sophomore classification Thematic approach to the development of the American agricultural system. Proseminar in European History: Introduction to History of Science II.

Proseminar in Latin American History. Sophomore classification Study of London's social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental historyusing both quantitative and qualitative methods to examine contemporary and secondary sources.

Topics include the Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson administrations, the War ofslavery and the South, economic and social development, Westward expansion and reform. Proseminar in European History. Advanced Topics in History: Sophomore classification Modern American history with an emphasis on political, socio-cultural, ethno-racial, and military history.

Parliamentary and constitutional development; social reform and economic change; imperial Britain; welfare state. Permission of instructor The history of technology with emphasis on the historical literature, differing interpretations of major problems, and problems identified for college-level teaching and for further scholarly research.

Sophomore classification Renaissance; Protestantism and the Age of Catholic reform; social, cultural, and economic changes; global expansion; religious warfare.

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Dime novels, vaudeville, rock and roll music, Hollywood and establishment of professional athletic leagues are among the cultural artifacts and phenomena considered.

Civil Rights and Ethnic Power. Every effort has been made to make the catalog accurate as of the date of publication. History of American Agriculture II.

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Topics include institutional foundations, leadership, gender and racial dynamics, and the convergences and divergences of these differing ethnic struggles for rights.

No more than 6 credits of Hist may be counted toward graduation with a major in History. Graduate student thesis research. Sophomore classification China from to ; internal and external stimuli on traditional structure leading to reform and revolution.

Proseminar in American History: Sophomore classification Survey of the interactions of human communities with the North American environment. HIST SP 3. Topics: United States, Kyle Barber Professor Ganesh Bhatt INSS February 19, Timeline of Computers The History of Computer Hardware, Computer Software, and Computer Networks originated in the 20th century.

It has progressed from mechanical inventions and mathematical theories towards the modern computer. Profession CED3 Fa,Sp CED Ethical and Prof. Issues in Human Services CED3 Fa MFT Human Sexuality OR PBH None Education for Sexuality ENG3 MFT Contemporary Marriage & Family OR CED Relationship Across Lifespan ENG3 P,C/ CED CRJ 3/2/ PM.

IUPUI – FORENSIC AND INVESTIGATIVE SCIENCES PROGRAM. CHEM-C Elementary Physical Chemistry 3 cr. sp CHEM-C Introductory Instrumental Analysis 5 cr. sp. Required Statistics Course - 3 credits HIST OF ARCHITECTURE 1. CLAS-C ANCIENT GREEK CULTURE. CLAS-C HIST History of African Americans I.

(Cross-listed with AF AM). () Cr. 3. Prereq: Sophomore classification Examines African roots of black culture and the African American experience in the United States from the colonial period through the Civil War.

12 units. The courses in this category enhance student knowledge of the complex cultural and institutional world in which people live. Each course examines relationships between various cultures and institutions that shape our social, economic, psychological, and.

History (HIST)

Af Am (Hist ) History of African Americans I Af Am (Hist ) History of African Americans II HD FS Housing and Services for Families with Special Needs HD FS (Geron ) Aging and the Family Sp Ed Education of the Exceptional Learner in a Diverse Society.


Hist 360 sp 2015 3
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